Is there a standard for taproot multisig wallets?

P2SH, nested and native segwit all have standardized multisig hd wallet support through BIPs 45, 48 and 67. Taproot could technically be added as a new script type in BIP-48 but then that sort of defeats half the purpose of using Schnorr keys. So is there a standard for multisig wallets using Schnorr key aggregation […]

Don’t make the same mistake my dad made by panic selling, and or ignoring the ₿lue chip of the crypto space; ₿itcoin. It’s 1997 internet stock days, and corporations and banks want your Microsoft and Amazon stock of this space

My father had $40k in Microsoft stock in the 90’s, worth around $2.7 million by the time I was ready for college. Instead of me or my siblings being able to afford college, he sold it for $20 something thousand after taxes, because he sold it all after hearing about how Y2K would ruin the […]

BTC is for everyone.

Bitcoin is for everyone but lately the right has really got into Cryptocurrency and now my Twitter feed is full of anti mask and antivax rhetoric. I don’t care who joins the party but keep your political beliefs out of this space. We are on another mission. The virus is temporary Bitcoin is forever. submitted […]