Strike failed deposits

Hey guys, I’ve used stroke for a few months and my limit finally increased a bit. Issue is I’ve tried several times this morning to deposit funds and every time fails (I have plenty in my bank). Is this a strike or bank issue? submitted by /u/SirHaunting8184 [link] [comments]

Understanding Censorship resistance in POW

With the upcoming transition of another unnamed network to Proof of Stake there has been a lot of discussion around transaction censorship. Can someone help me with a description of what the risks are within Proof of Work with regards to censorship? What are the key mechanisms that will keep censorship at bay if top […]

Should I make my project on Bitcoin?

So I have a school project which is called an EPQ(Extended Project Qualification) is, to put it simply, a BIG independent project for which you’ll earn a qualification. I will have to write a 5000 word paper. A very long piece of paperwork about my research and how I approached it. I will also have […]