Rising to the Moon

Even though Amazon denies that it’ll be accepting BTC, it’s in the works. I think it’s a bit short-sighted for those who sold the past day or two. submitted by /u/chubby_stagnation [link] [comments]

Elizabeth Warren is a key part of the Legacy Financial system.

Every fixed and entrenched Institution requires elements that pretend to be antagonistic to the institutions goals… without disrupting those institutions or their goals… the most fundamental goal of every institution is self-perpetuation. Elizabeth Warren and others who are not truly against the banking system are clearly being exposed as frauds who’s purpose is clear by […]

Paid for my Dinner using the lightning network

So I decided to try out the lightning network today. There’s a website called ln.pizza that allows you to purchase dominoes using the lightning network. In seconds I was able to place my order and pay for my 2 pizzas ($12 including fees or about 30,000 sats) Then I get a link to track my […]