What is above 65k?

The small leap of hitting 65k from the current price would mean that anyone who ever purchased any amount of bitcoin would be in profit. As S2F model places the price somewhere around 150-200k, buying into bitcoin is not a very difficult decision. submitted by /u/mrginopalacca [link] [comments]

Just stack em

Don’t worry about spending your hard earned money tryn to keep up with the jones’s. Stack them sats now and they will be tryn to keep up with you in a few years. submitted by /u/Usual_Ear_2764 [link] [comments]

My first income in BTC!

Update from a previous post: Signed the contract as an independent consultant for a start-up today! 2-month contract with 0.14BTC promised. An exciting moment in my life! submitted by /u/KosmosHD [link] [comments]

I’m an 8th grade science teacher. For our first day, we get 30 mins to teach whatever lesson we want, specifically something not in our curriculum. I want to teach my students what Bitcoin is.

Title says it! I’m pretty excited for that actually. Does anyone know of a powerpoint of slide deck that has already been created somewhere I could use and/or modify? I’d like it to be not too technical, but serve as a foundation to understanding money better. Anyone have any resources you think are good? By […]