What are the pros and cons of using Bitcoin?


  • You don’t have to go to a bank or an ATM to utilize Bitcoin. The Bitcoin wallet is right in your grasp, in the event that you have a portable wallet
  • It works 24*7. Bitcoin organize does not go on an occasion. No night shifts. It is not really down
  • You don’t consent from VISA or MasterCard to spend your cash. One of my companion got his card blocked on the grounds that he utilized it 5 times in multi day on UBER. Reason:Maximum number of merchant transactions reached
  • You can utilize Bitcoin simply like money, Have seperate wallet for day multi day costs. Spend it at whatever point wherever you need.
  • On the off chance that you are a Rebel, utilize it for its hell.
  • Cross fringe installments are simple and quick. As an entrepreneur, I needed to go for a considerable length of time to my bank to get a specific exchange to China affirmed. Purpose behind dismissal: You have not done outside exchange previously!



  • It is agonisingly moderate for day by day costs. An exchange can take at least 10 mins to get affirmed. You may not going to sit tight this much time for my espresso.
  • As a purchaser I don’t see the concealed expenses of an exchange. In Bitcoin, the exchange charges are high (right now) and straightforward. It’s a bummer for any client who doesn’t know about exchange charges
  • It isn’t anchor for layman. Bitcoin arrange is protected and secure. Unfortunately we don’t know about fundamental protection and security issues. Despite everything we keep our passwords as ‘secret key’. This can prompt mass robbery of Bitcoins from numerous wallets.
  • On the off chance that you are a decent subject, Bitcoin is yet not lawful in numerous nations. Avoid it.
  • Bitcoin is as yet not prepared for mass reception