The fundamentals are stronger than ever.

Blocks are still getting mined. Transactions are still getting verified. The network is still performing. Sure, a lot of Bitcoin mining is currently located in China. The great thing about Bitcoin is that people around the world all have incentive to advance, improve and further decentralize the Bitcoin network. There are people who have already […]

If this is the end of the run…

Know that we are there with you. A hundred million-plus of us in fact. It’s scary; we know, and we aren’t ashamed to say we feel it too, but take comfort in that we have experienced this before and we ALWAYS bounce back with a vengeance whether it takes two weeks or two years; we’ll […]

It’s not so easy to defeat bitcoin

Btc has been tested time and again throughout the years. It has endured every insult, every attempt to destroy it, and it has won every battle thrown at it so far. It will take a lot more to subdue this beast of a currency. Everything is insignificant. Btc doesn’t care if everyone hates it. It […]

Dear bitcoiners, we need to talk.

Why are we invested in Bitcoin? but not because we want to make short profits in 2 weeks. we want to establish a fair, decentralized monetary system and be the first to benefit greatly from it. If a well-known internet troll like Elon Musk unsettles you so much, then you have not yet understood Bitcoin. […]