Another reminder why Bitcoin reigns supreme

This morning, I opened up my banking app to pay some bills. It says that my chequing balance is “unavailable.” I cannot see my previous transactions; can’t pay any bills; nor can I send an e-transfer. Apparently the bank is currently working on fixing this problem. As someone who consistently holds Bitcoin in cold storage, […]

What is the “end game” for Bitcoin?

Simply put, there is enough gold for any sovereign nation in the world to fill a vault with and base their currency (presumably) on it or to say “yes I have gold and we can use it as collateral for deals”. There’s still more gold available to make fillings, computer parts, jewelry etc. with. There […]

Writing covered calls

Does anyone write covered calls on their bitcoin to get some yield? I think Deribit is the only options exchange for crypto, but not sure what on-ramp to use (unless you use Deribit directly)? I am concerned about anything outside the US so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! submitted by /u/StoneTemplePenis [link] [comments]

Bitcoin in Argentina – Don’t be fools!

I can not believe it! I understand people in US or Europe tends to be sceptical when we discuss about BTC mainly because their fiat currency is not sooo bad. But in countries like Argentina we are facing a different economic crysis once every 5/10 years, and we know these crysis are generated by wrong […]