Why I bought BTC

I have bought 0.001BTC and a small portfolio of crypto. I hodl. What’s on my mind? Am I want a Lambo? Am I want to go to the Moon? No. I am simply a person hoping for the crypto platform to stay alive. Why? I want to send my hard earn money back to my […]

1 BTC hodlers

Are there many people holding at least 1 full BTC here? I’m in crypto space since 3 years now and still haven’t reached this goal (gettin closer though) submitted by /u/emilioermeio [link] [comments]

Bring on the “then they fight you” stage.

Probably the most ironic thing about this move by El Salvador is that the more the US and the IMF try to stop them from using a politically neutral monetary network the more the world will see just how important bitcoin is for sovereignty. The more they fight other countries adopting bitcoin the more they […]

Wanted to check what was happening in El Salvador. Adoption

For two days now I’ve been reading the news on https://m.elsalvador.com to see how they’ll do and try to get the feelings about it. Also watching the news there on a youtube channel, the latest one feels amazing: https://youtu.be/6GXVzcTlWHc (bitcoin part starts at 16:16) For non-spanish speakers: They’re educating their population at a scale we […]