Bitcoin Vs USD vs Yuan vs Gold

As I delve deeper into my journey of understanding cryptocurrency from my humble office desk, it seems like the Biden administration keeps dropping hints about potentially barring US investors from putting their money in certain sectors within China. They’re forecasting more of these kinds of foreign investment restrictions to keep capital in our own country […]


I’ve got 20k to invest. I have bonds, stocks, and SOME crypto including some Bitcoin. What do you think of plugging it all into Bitcoin? If I lose all of it I’m not crying but would obviously like to see a positive. I do t need the money for 12 months+ so whatever I do […]

My dca

Latly btc had resembled my dca almost exactly. Now I’m accumulating at neither a discount or a premium. Anyone one else experience this as well? submitted by /u/MeetingBrilliant [link] [comments]