Why are youtubers who promoted Ftx/Blockfi not talking about it?

Honest question because it’s blowing my mind.

In the internet crash, 20 years ago, this couldn’t happen. There wasn’t a youtuber promoting pets.com or any internet company. Youtube didn’t exist. Companies couldn’t attract investors with this technology.

But with the Crypto crash there are hundreds of youtubers who promoted ftx, blockfi and others. And they affected thousands or millions of common people.

Maybe they didn’t know about the ftx and Blockfi situation. What I’m saying is that they just don’t recognize their mistakes or they aren’t transparent and say how much were they getting to promote these platforms.

And yet, there hundreds of youtubers who chose not to promote these platforms.


It’s amazing that these guys just keep making videos and forget their suscribers. If you followed their “suggestions” you would be in a pretty bad situation.

How many guys trusted these youtubers? I mean this one (video link) literally says “I promise”.

How is this possible? No one cares? Youtubers don’t care? And how is it possible that suscribers keep watching their videos?


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