Who wants to buy coffee with bitcoin?

I’ve been in the coffee industry over 25 years and first found Jamaica Blue Mountain while I was working the graveyard at UPS. I was drinking coffee from the vending machine to stay awake because… work at 2am while going to college. I would always push the cream and sugar button because I couldn’t stand the taste of the brown drink. After my 6 hour shift finished loading brown trucks, I went out with the driver for 12 hours (Christmas season) and he offered to share his coffee. I tasted it and said… WOW! What did you put in this? It’s amazing! He said *I still remember the exact quote* “That, my friend, is Jamaica Blue Mountain! I didn’t put anything in it!” I was hooked….

My question to you: I’m still into coffee and have really wanted to start selling coffee online with bitcoin (lightning network) being the primary and initial, probably only, payment accepted. Who would do it? I would. Would you? If yes, what would be your dream come true if you could whisper to someone who is going to build it (yo! over here!) So… there it is.

The dream list for online coffee purchase and bitcoin payment, lets get it rolling!

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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