Who else invests in Bitcoin not because you like it, but because there isn’t anything really better?

Seriously! Let’s look at the alternatives:

Crypto not named Bitcoin (shitcoins): Too centralized/captured, or they’re a less used/ill conceived version of Bitcoin itself but worse, or they track the $ which is basically fiat.

Shares of publicly traded companies (stocks): The management team controls the issuance and buybacks, the prices go up when the central bank lowers rates, and down when the central bank increases rates. What if the management teams mismanages it or commits fraud. Also they can be taxed by government and regulated to hell and back.

Corporate Bonds: Same issues with management team as with stocks. Also controllable by the central bank as they will go up when interest rates decrease and vice versa. No guarantee they will pay higher interest than inflation, and if the corporation goes bankrupt you lose. And if they are TBTF and go bankrupt, you still lose (see automaker bailouts of 2008).

Government Bonds: These are by far the most controlled investment by the government and it’s central bank. Forget it, I’m not a pension fund. And you’ll never beat inflation with these.

Junk Bonds: Forget it. I’m not Michael Milken, and I’ve got no idea which of these are a good deal and which aren’t. Not willing to take the risk of default. And besides, these are central bank controllable as well.

Rental Real Estate: This is the best productive investment right now IMO, but it’s got it’s problems. Eviction moratorium. Also, just highly overpriced right now and still pretty risky. St. Paul, Minnesota just enacted rent control. Orange County, Florida has put rent control on the ballot even though it’s illegal in the state. Even red states have knuckleheads pushing for rent control/stabilization. Also, you have to deal with tenants not paying rent, maintain/repair, etc. What if your condo gets wiped out by a Hurricane and you didn’t have sufficient insurance.

Annuities: You’ll get killed by inflation. Forget it.

Fiat currency: Get lost.

Gold/silver/other precious metals(physical): Best non-productive asset available not named Bitcoin. But government/banks can keep the prices suppressed using futures contracts and ETFs. Also they aren’t very fungible and it’s hard to independently verify purity and authenticity. They can be stolen/lost. You have to pay a cap gain tax when/if you sell, even if price only went up due to inflation. You can drop your gold bars and damage the assay card (actually happened to me). Also, metals are mined from the ground, therefore the supply and potential supply is never limited, so a high price will bring more supply to the market. Easily traceable by government at point of sale/purchase.

Precious metal ETFs/Futures: Forget it. This is playing the government/banks’ paper games. When metals become unattainable and/or unaffordable and spike in price, they will do to you what the LME did to the Nickel market. That is, cover the big boys at your expense. No thanks.

Meme stocks like GME, AMC and BBBY: Nope. That’s playing poker. May as well take it to the casino.

Farmland: Government can tax it all they want. Government can tell you “this is your wheat quota, you’re not allowed to produce more wheat than this”, and if you try to grow the wheat to feed your livestock…well, you’re affecting the wheat market (which is interstate commerce) by not buying wheat! (This actually happened) Totally captured by government. Also, I’ve never been a farmer, would have to learn. And it’s hard work. And risky to boot. No thanks.

Oil or nat gas futures: You have to play the paper games to own these. So it’s got the same problem with precious metal futures in that when/if you should ever really win big, the exchange will shut you down and protect the big boys, like the LME and Nickel market. Also, these have carrying costs of holding. As far as non-productive assets go, these are some of the toughest to hold onto.

So, there’s probably other investments out there, but this covers most of the major ones. It’s almost kind of like, Bitcoin is the default choice. Does anyone else here hodl not so much because they love Bitcoin, but because nothing else has any appeal? Is anyone in the same boat?

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