Users losing funds to companies is not new..

Losing coins to mismanagement has happened many times before and will happend again. Here’s a list of companies that have mismanaged user funds over the years. Many of them partnered with reputable companies. Many of them were supposedly “regulated”.

Celcius BlockFi 3AC Voyager Hotbit Atomars Thodex Bitcoin7 Mt.Gox Bitcoinica Slush BitFloor Vicurex BitCash Poloniex MintPal Cryptsy 796 Bitstamp KipCoin BTER ShapeShift GateCoin Bitfinex Yapizon Bithumb Coincheck Bitgrail CoinSecure Taylor Coinrail Zaif MapleChange QuadrigaCX Cryptopia Coinbin CoinBene DragonEx Binance Bitpoint VinDAX Altsbit Coinseed Bitcurex 

If I missed any, add them in the comments.

EDIT: changed wordage to “mismanaged” for the inclusion of BlockFi

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