Update to my nightmare with blockchain.com

1) On July 9, I sent 2 wires to my blockchain wallet ($5,000 and $8,000). I did not put the reference number per the instructions – I put my name instead. This was my error. Chat support said the wires were received and then rejected. It is now 22 days since I sent the wires and blockchain.com has not responded to my request for a refund. This is the easiest fix – every wire has a federal reserve reference number and the funds can easily be returned via the reference number. In fact, if a wire is actually rejected, this is an automated process and the funds are usually back in the sender’s account within 24 hours. It’s now 22 days since a ticket was opened! I was asked to provide a copy of a bank statement which I did. All I have received since are automated emails. The emails ask me to click on a link and check for updates. There are no updates – not a word. The emails also state that if I don’t respond within a few days, the ticket will be closed. I respond every time, then nothing, then another automated email that has no update. 22 days to do nothing – they don’t need a copy of my bank statement, they don’t need anything at all. They have the federal reserve reference number which is all they need to return the money to the bank account where it came from.

2) I sent the 2 wires because I needed to send BTC urgently for my business. I knew there was a delay because of the missing blockchain.com reference #, so I sent in another wire on July 12 for $25,000. The $25k was credited to my account and I bought BTC. I tried to send $12k of BTC value on July 12 and my account was put on a hold. My activity shows deposit $25k and BTC purchase and my balance now is $42. The activity report does not show what happened to the missing $24,958? Again, a ticket was opened on July 12th and there has been absolutely no action or response, except for automated responses referring me to a link, and stating that if I don’t respond within a few days they will close the ticket. Of course there is absolutely no update to the ticket every time!

Blockchain.com does not deserve to have any customers. I have not just had poor service – I’ve had NO service after more than 3 weeks.

Funny thing, while I was writing this review, I just received another meaningless automated email from blockchain.com

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