Up to $400 billion may start flowing into Bitcoin from Germany on Monday

German institutional funds to invest up to 20% in crypto

“Spezialfonds reportedly account for about €1.8 trillion (roughly $2.1 trillion) of institutional wealth, meaning that if funds allocate the 20% allowed in the new law, more than $400 billion would likely end up in various crypto projects.”

“However, according to Tim Kreutzmann, an expert on crypto at BVI, it is likely most of the funds could “initially stay well below the 20% mark“, owing to various industry practices and expectations. Notably, the investment funds are available only to institutional investors like insurers and pension funds.”

Just a reminder, in Germany over 257 banks charge a negative interest rate for deposits over $25k, so anywhere else to put your money is a safer bet.

Okay, done my FOMO for the week.

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