Understating the value of 1 Bitcoin today in regards to USD supply

Please correct me if this is wrong mathematically thinking.

The USD money supply is about 21.5 Trillion(21,500,000,000,000) If I have one piece of that called 1 Dollar I have 1/21,500,000,000,000 th of the money supply.

In comparison the Bitcoin supply today is about 19,000,000 full bitcoins ( not accounting for lost coins, etc.. )

Owning 1 bitcoin today in comparison to the USD money supply would mean that 1 bitcoin should be worth 1,131,579 USD…

Taking it further there are 1,900,000,000,000,000 satoshi’s in the supply, making 1 sats worth about 0.0113157894736842 Cents ( a little over 1 cent)

Seems like based on just the supply Bitcoin is pretty undervalued.

Hopium !

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