This is what you can buy when you HODL Bitcoin

A HOUSE! I just closed on a house and finally achieved the dream of owning a home while also living in one of the highest cost of living metro areas in the US. How did I do it? Buy HODLing Bitcoin for about 3 years, DCA’ing as much as I could after every paycheck, and then finally deciding to sell in February when I started my home buying search. It would’ve been nice to sell at the top of the bull run, but because I bought most of my bitcoin during the March 2020 flash crash, I still made out with a very healthy profit. Healthy enough that I was able to buy a house I normally wouldn’t be able to afford in the area I live. Now comes the fun part of going from a 1 bedroom apartment to furnishing a 3000 sq ft townhouse.

I know the market has been hitting everyone hard recently, but I thought I’d post some good news on here. While everyone is down, I remember people on this very subreddit mocking me for buying Bitcoin at $4K in Nov-Dec 2018 because it went down a little more. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea now, does it? I’m completely out of Bitcoin right now, but I plan on getting back in some time in the future. So don’t lose hope fellow HODLers, hold on until the next bull run and you too can have a nice little windfall.

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