The same posts all the time

I am really really new to Bitcoin and crypto, but I do my own research and ask specific technical questions when I need to to understand things.

But jeez…the number of posts recently that ask questions like “should I invest in crypto now or is it just about to dip again?” Or “when is the right time to invest in bitcoin? Will it drop soon? Should I buy then?” I really despair.

I’m not like a protective fanboy that doesn’t want fake people to like their band, but honestly, the number of times these questions are asked I just feel like saying:

“If you don’t understand it, don’t get involved. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s investment. It’s a belief in the technology and the implications of what that means. It is much bigger and deeper than buying APPL stock. There is no “time” to buy bitcoin, it’s a choice and a commitment you have to how we should structure our economic life. Or whatever, buy next Tuesday because it’s going to dip.” 🙄

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