“The” Reason to Never Sell BTC

I’ll never sell any of my btc, and I will continue to stack sats indefinitely (dca ftw). My reason is simple, and when I share it with people I know, I can see the light bulb moment in their eyes.

Why would I ever sell an appreciating asset that I could borrow against for cash at low (or even market) interest rates? Why would anybody? The answer is they probably haven’t thought about their coin as collateral.

Everyone I know that has ever financed a house did so by getting a home mortgage. Notably, the houses they bought always served as the underlying collateral for the home loan. And we all know what that means: default on the home loan and the lender(s) will eventually foreclose on the roof over your head.

Enter bitcoin.

Consistent stackers with diamond hands can obtain a home free and clear by using enough of their coin as collateral for the home loan, instead of the home itself. Do you still have to make regular loan payments? Sure. But guess what doesn’t happen if you get sick years later and can’t make those payments? Guess what happens if you default? That’s right. Your roof stays over your head. Presumably, your coin collateral will be in escrow. And if you default, the lenders will foreclose on the coin collateral. Fine. At least you still have your home. I like that piece of mind.

Another scenerio.

You or someone you love gets an awful medical diagnosis. They need expensive surgery. You don’t have the cash. But, damnit, you’ve been stacking sats for years and your hands are made of cold hard diamond. What do you do? Sell your coin? No. Once again, you borrow against it. You’ll get all the cash you need or, if not all, a helpful chunk. Pay for the surgery. And do your best to make the payments so you don’t default and lose your coin collateral. But guess what? If you do default, you’re not put in a situation where you may have to declare bankruptcy. You’d just lose your coin collateral. Not the end of the world.

To each their own. But examples like those above are why my hands are made of solid diamond. I will never sell one effing sat. Not one. Because they’re too valuable. To me, btc is akin to a Vincent Van Gogh painting hanging on my wall or a faberge egg. Hard and scarce assets likely to appreciate considerably over the next 30 years. Longer, many argue.

I’ll keep every sat and pass them all down to those in my family and friend groups that understand how to wield the coin.

My $.02. Curious if anyone else thinks of their coin in this way.

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