The difference between Bitcoiners & Shitcoiners is that a Bitcoiner will risk offence in the pursuit of truth. Do not confuse our disdain for sub-par storage & node solutions as a personal attack. We want Bitcoin to succeed and these bad actors use YOU as the weapon to attack Bitcoin on its fringe.

Bitcoiners buying paper Bitcoin IOU’s on KYC enabled, centralised, easily captured, shitcoin casinos which obfuscate the true price of Bitcoin by STEALING your wealth, providing nothing in return and instead rehypothecating it in the name of profits – inadvertently exposing you to the counterparty risk of the pyramid schemes, scams and rug pulls they support. Instead of using decentralised peer-2-peer Bitcoin exchanges where you support real Bitcoiners directly and receive ACTUAL bitcoin in return.

Bitcoiners using unsecure, shitcoin supporting, closed source self custody solutions with known attack vectors and no means to reproduce and verify firmware to factually prove with complete certainty that you have sole access to any Bitcoin stored on them. Who make concessions on security in the pursuit of profit-seeking. Risking sovereignty over your wealth. As opposed to using Bitcoin only, FOSS supporting, verifiably secure self custody solutions.

Bitcoiners running closed source, unverifiable Node operating systems that come pre-configured to the whim of the developers who produce them – effectively creating a node botnet where the developer has absolute control over what consensus parameters their army of nodes support. Obfuscating the purposes of operating a node to begin with – as a means to trustlessly validate and verify your interactions with the network itself. Instead of running a freely available, open source, personally configurable Bitcoin node software stack which with active management, protects your sovereignty on the network.

Whether deliberate or not – These attacks on Bitcoin stifle its sovereignty providing characteristics through verified property rights, rest control of the on & off ramps and as an end result, effect Bitcoins potential for success and ultimately, its price. If you believe yourself to be a real Bitcoiner and find that any you are guilty of any one of these (as I myself have been) – do not assume that we bring them to the forefront because we want to make you feel bad. As individuals we gain no benefit from bringing these issues to light, other than the collective success of the Bitcoin network itself.

Stop trusting large, faceless businesses & corporations to protect your privacy or your wealth. Their primary incentive is profit – and they will make concessions at your expense to achieve it. It is up to us, as individuals and as a collective of likeminded Bitcoiners, who truly believe in the Ethos that Bitcoin was built on “don’t trust, verify” to stand up against them and make it be known.

We want you to be better, so that we can succeed. Together.

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