Speed of Whirlpool post-mix transactions in Sparrow wallet

I am testing the waters with Whirlpool client in Sparrow wallet. Tx0 transactions went through quickly (within minutes), but postmix transactions are taking forever. Rate has been 1-5 transactions a day, for about a week now. I have some transactions in 100k pool and some transactions in 1M pool. Transactions from both pools seem to be progressing at roughly the same speed.

An UTXO typically displays a progress bar with tooltip “Registered input (1 of 300)”, sits there for long time, then the progress bar goes away and similar progress bar shows up for some other UTXO. Only rarely some of these UTXOs will proceed to the next phase with tooltip “Joined the mix”.

Are others experiencing the same slowness? Is this normal? At this rate, this is border line unusable.

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