Sold over 100K USD in stocks for 100% BTC

Hi all,

I have been reading into BTC for months now and am sold on the idea of BTC. Have liquidated my entire portfolio (>100K USD) to invest in BTC. As it stands, my portfolio is 100% BTC.

Before you guys call me stupid, I am investing as much as I can afford to lose. It did not take me very long to save this money and my earning potential is growing rapidly. If I were to lose all my BTC tomorrow, my quality of life will not change (although my aspirations of retiring early may change).

Also, I have become my own bank. Feeling incredibly empowered 🙂

How many out there have done the same?

TL;DR Sold over 100K in stonks to go 100% in BTC


Lots of comments about keeping quiet about the amount of BTC I have. Is there something that I am missing?

This is a brand new throwaway account. I don’t ever plan on disclosing my age, location, sex etc etc.

Why would I be a target for hackers/thieves when in actuality, there is no proof I have 100k in BTC. I could have 10 dollars, I could have 10 million. Everything anyone ever says is just hearsay until proof is shown.

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