Reporting a Bitcoin theft in 2021

Reporting a Bitcoin theft in 2021


Tried to report a Bitcoin theft (malware hack) to the police…sigh

The initial application had to be online due to covid restrictions. I was kinda hoping they already had a system in place by now to redirect this to a more dedicated unit or at least that they would gather similar cases so they could maybe find like a common thread, but after the initial e-mail response, all hope of getting anything ever back was already gone xD. The head inspector of the local police department e-mailed that the report seemed “very technical” and it might be better to come to the department itself. I’m talking about a major city in a wealthy western country by the way.

At the police department they heard of bitcoin before, but I still had to explain the very basics before even beginning to explain how they managed to get a hold of my funds.

Guess we’re still early… 🙂

PS: I knew the chances of recovering anything were slim, but I wanted to report anyway because of possible tax implications and to increase awareness.

Curious to hear about other experiences in regards to reporting stolen bitcoin/crypto to the police!

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