People being derogatory to people who bought in near the top are the worst pieces of hypocritical shit I can imagine

And I am seeing this. Don’t tell me I’m not.

If you’re a proponent of bitcoin, and you ridicule people who bought when the price was booming, you’re a complete and total piece of shit. I think I despise this community. They aren’t honest with themselves, which is about the only thing I ask of people.

For the record, I bought my graphics cards either at MSRP or off of people who didn’t know what they had and sold me for “fair used” prices. I’ve made back what I spent and converted it into cash. I had to, so I could tell people that and not be lying.

My modest operation is entering pure profit mode.

Moving forward, I haven’t decided what I’ll do with what I make now. Probably hold since it’s just a free 30 bucks of bitcoin a day. See where it goes. I’m not going to invest cash in this until I know what we’re dealing with.

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