Out there Bitcoin theory

It’s always been my belief that as the fiat system collapsed there would be a rush by western governments & central banks into Bitcoin so that they could still be relevant (and stay in power) once the system reset itself.

Well now it looks almost inevitable that the system will collapse in the near future, stated inflation heading to 20%, real inflation more like 100% and the governments answer to all this is of course to print up more money and throw it around like cheap confetti at a scouser wedding.

Then we have the energy crisis in Europe……..

What if the price of energy was so high because the ECB, BofE, and EU were secretly running vast mining operations?

Knowing that the system was due to collapse imminently, a mad rush to mine Bitcoin would make sense.

The current hashrate is near an ATH and would support this.

If they simply printed fiat to buy Bitcoin then due to the open nature of the blockchain and exchanges it wouldn’t take long before the secret got out and all hell broke lose, ramping up the price of Bitcoin and causing the system to collapse quicker and more violently than what they perhaps had wished for.

Another observation that backs this theory up is that nearly every reservoir in the western world is empty right now, USA, UK, Europe they are all at near record lows. Where has all the water gone?

What if the reservoirs have been deliberately drained in order to generate hydro-electricity for Bitcoin mining operations close to the reservoirs.

At the present moment, I agree that the above theory appears fanciful but I’m sure given the passage of time parts of what I have posted above will turn out to be true.

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