“Nobody Saves the World” figured it out: Don’t farm currencies without supply cap! Pictures inside.

"Nobody Saves the World" figured it out: Don't farm currencies without supply cap! Pictures inside.

I was playing an amazing game. Got pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful reference all of a sudden.

Dialogue #1:

“I’m thankful that Karl prices his items in Bottle Caps. Honestly, BtC is just the superior currency in every way!”

Dialogue #2:

“Do you know that adventurers these days print an absurd amount of fiat money by farming dungeons endlessly?”

Dialogue #3:

“I would much rather put my trust in a currency that lasts than one that’s heading straight for hyper-inflation!”

It was a really nice easter-egg which made me enjoy this section even more. 🙂

The moral of the story: if you can farm dungeons endlessly to accumulate more coins, their value diminishes over time due to hyper-inflation.

It seems that some of the devs figured it out.

This is your honorable mention on r/Bitcoin!

The game is “Nobody Saves the World”.

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