My father laughed off me because of bitcoin

Today I tried to explain my 70yo father about why this is a good investment in the long run.

He looked at me like and laughed. Basically he thinks that he is very experienced because he had seen many pyramid schemes and he knows I will lose everything. I replied this is not the case at all, but he insisted. I told him I have little to lose and much to win, and that maybe and just maybe one day it is worth enough for me to build a house, which is my dream. He laughed harder and it bothered me because I really want to accomplish this dream no matter what and I felt really discouraged to see my own father laughing at my financial hopes.

I don’t think getting maybe 150000€ ($175000) is impossible. It is indeed a very hard to reach target, but… He really makes me feel down about all this.

I don’t want lambos as you guys often joke. I just would like to have a nice home, which I consider a humble purpose. How unlikely is that to happen? Maybe he is right in the meaning of never making that amount. I just feel down right now.

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