Mods dropped the ball regarding this last anti-privacy anti-selfhosted wallets EU vote…

They failed to bring attention to it, to make it visible as we suggested by sticky/pinning a discussion post/thread so we can get organized and take effective action.

Like on the last vote (where we took massive action contacting the MP’s) regarding the POW proposed ban, the votes were very evenly divided.

On the POW ban, that failed to pass by a small margin. On today’s vote regarding the crack down on unhosted wallets and privacy, it passed by a thin margin because we didn’t take action like last time.

Please read the related threads (like Patrick Hansen, Unstoppable Finance, Coinbase, etc. on Twitter), there’s still time to make a difference in subsequent steps before the law is finalized and enacted.

We need to come together in these crucial votes to tip the balance towards privacy, independence, liberty, justice, freedom. If we do nothing, tyranny and centralization of power will keep growing.

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