Messing up at Robosats

Hi Everyone,

I tried out Bisq and it was quite successful. I made some buys, made some sells and it seems like things work for the most part. It has some bugs but nothing that does not eventually get resolved.

I had trouble figuring out Robosats. I’m letting you know my mistakes so that you don’t make them. It was probably because:

  1. I don’t know how to use the lightning network so well.
  2. I tried using electrum with their trampolines.

Here’s how it went:

  1. I got Tor and figured out how to run it.
  2. I went to the Robosats website and found the Tor link.
  3. I went to the Robosats site and I actually properly saved my bot.
  4. I set up a small electrum trampoline channel for something small like 0.002 BTC.
  5. I found a deal that I thought was reasonable and clicked on it.
  6. I sent them my security deposit through a lightning invoice. Now I have three hours.
  7. I then tried to set up a few different half sized BTC channels that would not make the whole payment. I didn’t know that this was a problem.
  8. I then learned through experience that the only way to pay the full invoice was to use a full sized channel that would cover the whole payment.
  9. I made a new larger channel that would easily cover the whole payment.
  10. I clicked pay for this lightning invoice three times and it failed three times. Each of those times the trampoline tried to send eight times.
  11. I lost my security deposit.
  12. I’m in the process of closing my lightning channels.

Possible analysis:

  1. Electrum is not that good for lightning.
  2. Trampolines are not that good for transactions above 0.01 BTC.
  3. I needed a way to practice these things and could not find one.

Any thoughts on what else we can learn?


  1. Maybe we can also learn that the documentation for Robosats isn’t so great.

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