Lost some Bitcoin in my Divorce…now I’m wondering about tax implications

So in 2019 I reluctantly had to transfer a portion of my Bitcoin to my ex-husband as part of our divorce settlement. While he thought I was crazy for buying Bitcoin back in 2013, he had no problem claiming it as joint property when it really mattered. Anyways, flash forward to today when BTC is doing quite well, as we all know. But it occurred to me that transferring that to him back them triggered tax implications I wasn’t focused on. Honestly I wasn’t focused on much beyond “You took my BTC! BTC I bought in the hopes it could put our kids through school one day! BTC I bought that you just laughed at!”

Well I’ve gotten over the loss by now, but wondering how to address tax stuff. Thoughts? Resources or advice would be super helpful. And even more so, is bitcoin joint property within a marriage? Is a private key common property? Just so many aspects to this that I didn’t think about back then.

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