Just take a break guys, trust me on this!

I was introduced into the Crypto space at the age of 19 by a very good friend of mine..

Fast forward 2 years later, I have so far spent almost everyday researching, and educating myself on Bitcoin, watching videos, learning who to listen to, and who to ignore, understanding the fundamentals etc..

I now have a portfolio that I am very happy with and proud of, I now want to take a break completely and focus on myself, family, friends etc.. I have enough faith in Bitcoin to know that short term price movements are not relevant, I am here for the next decade, maybe even longer!

The point is, just take a break, forget about the charts, go out, have fun, and enjoys yourselves, and come back after a month or so.. Trust me..

Until then folkes, i’m out for now..

DiamondHandsHolder from South Africa🇿🇦

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