Just Made My First Purchase With Lightning. Wow

I’ve been playing around with Lightning for a while now, using it to purchase Bitcoin and I guess I kinda already expected this, but wow. Super fast, super smooth. No wonder crypto bros are always shitting on Lightning. Tradfi better watch out as well. All the naysayers who think Bitcoin won’t be a currency, well I got news for you.

I won’t say what I purchased, but it was an online purchase on my phone and the vendor had Lightning as an option. I selected the Lightning option and it prompted me to open one of my Lightning wallets – options for Blue, Muun, Phoenix, and even Strike and Cashapp automatically came up. Note that I wasn’t using my own Lightning node because I wasn’t really expecting the Lightning option. I selected Muun and it automatically pulled up an invoice. Then I touched the send button and boom! Done. Like split second fast. The vendor offered a 5% discount for Lightning which makes sense because they get to avoid those card processing fees.

Unbelievably easy. Imagine more normie apps integrating Lightning like CashApp. Then imagine getting a discount on everything because vendors don’t have to worry about processing fees.


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