I’ve heard of “toxic Bitcoin Maximalists”, and would just like an explanation of what that is and what constitutes it.

People have complained using those words to describe others, and have complained that it’s a weakness of Bitcoin, etc. But I don’t even know:

  1. What constitutes a “Maximalist”? Is that someone who puts ALL of their disposable assets into Bitcoin? What about if I own some precious metals, and some real estate, maybe a few stocks…and a lot of Bitcoin, would I be a “maximalist” then, or just a “partial maxi” or something else. How does it work.


  1. What is so “toxic” about them? I’m asking this to those of you who complain about “toxic maximalists”. Something really bothers you guys about them, to cause you to call them “toxic”. So, do they poison the discussion? Do they have a “you’re with me or against me” attitude, is that what’s so toxic? Do they consider anyone who isn’t also a “maximalist” to be an enemy of Bitcoin? What’s so toxic and why do you label them in that way?

Thank you for clarifying. I won’t argue with anyone, but I may ask for additional clarification. Otherwise I will accept your answer as is. Thanks all.

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