It finally happened Today!

It finally happened Today!

I’ve been accepting or let’s say offering Btc as a payment for 3 years now and it finally happened Today!

It all started as jock to let my costumers know about Bitcoin and that it will become a common payment method in the future.

So whenever costumers ask me weither they can pay with credit card, I say sure! And u can also pay with bitcoin!

Some of them laugh and some ask me what is that, and I explain it to them.. but NOONE have been paying with bitcoin until today!

And u know what? It wasn’t even my usuall move to mention btc! The young lady mentioned it to me firat by saying, that it would be wonderful, if she could pay the bill with Cryptocurrencies! And OMG I couldn’t believe my ears.. I was waiting for this moment my whole life LMAO.

I showed her the wallet QR code within 5 seconds and she was impressed..

That made my day.. and hopefully I would made her day soon coz I got her number ((:

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