In the long run bitcoin will be 10x to 100x less volatile than gold and oil


Because the supply from mining is predictable. Whereas in gold and oil if its price goes up alot theres going to be alot more mining inflating the market whith alot more gold and oil, making the stock to flow going down, and crashing the price to adjust to its real value for a smaller stock to flow commoditie.

PS: I just was dreaming about lambos and come to this conclusion. Would like to get your opinion.

EDIT1: Another though that comes to my ass is that bitcoin in the long run will always have better performance than most stocks till it gets the main currency, because it only needs 10 to 20 years of running without problems for people start to invest without fear of losing it all.They dont need to wait for quarter results to see if the company is getting better revenue year on year.A company has to prove itself every single year even if they are the leader of their market, because the competion is always ready to take its place. Bitcoin just needs to prove its capable to be the best store of value and then people will buy it without even thinking about it, like the avarage joe do when they deposit their savings in the bank at 0.0001%

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