I’m a reformed shitcoin degenerate, and over the last few months I came to realize that Bitcoin is king.

I’ve been slowly rotating all of my alts/shitcoins into Bitcoin since December and I’ve never slept better at night. I’ve amassed a sizeable bag which is of course in a self-custodied wallet.

I have one alt left that I expect huge returns from over the next few months, at which point it will also be converted into Bitcoin. The only good use of an alt is to use it to obtain even more BTC than would otherwise be possible.

I used to laugh at people like Michael Saylor, but now I see that they were right all along. There really is no second best.

I’ve evolved into a proud Bitcoin maximalist, and it feels good.

I am u/_TheWolfOfWalmart_ and this is my story.

Thank you, and good night.

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