If you understand what is happening in Lebanon, you’ll understand why is Bitcoin so important.

In Lebanon, corruption has been rampant for many years, the corrupt politicians have not only stolen and continue to steal the countries resources, but they have also completely stolen people’s livelihoods.

In Lebanon, millions of people have lost access to their life savings, people who once had tens of thousands of dollars in the bank, have all but lost it. When people go to the bank to access their money, they are hassled and denied access.

If you for example want to withdraw $100, they will ask you why you need this much? What will you do with this money? No matter what answer you give, they will always give you less, $20 is all you will get today. If you want to check your balance, they will look at it, but will not allow you access to that information, and sometimes they even use fake data.

Access to retirements and savings is all but gone, and what you can access is at the discretion of the bank. This is mainly because the money has all but been stolen, and not there, so to cover up, they have created this almost impossible barrier.

This centralized system has exploited and continues to exploit the people, and with no control over their own money, people have been robbed of everything they have worked so hard to obtain.

With Bitcoin, this would not be possible, and the power would shift back to the people, and the rightful owners of the wealth they worked so hard to acquire over the years

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