If this is the end of the run…

Know that we are there with you. A hundred million-plus of us in fact. It’s scary; we know, and we aren’t ashamed to say we feel it too, but take comfort in that we have experienced this before and we ALWAYS bounce back with a vengeance whether it takes two weeks or two years; we’ll be back.

We are here because we believe cryptocurrencies are the future. We mostly came here for the money, I’ll admit I did, but there is no denying that Bitcoin changed us; for the better. Sure we make mistakes by putting on blinders and worshipping false idols but this movement can’t be stopped by any singular mistake. It’s bigger than them and it’s bigger than any one of us. So, regardless of whether you panic sell or buy more, know there are 100-plus million more of us that still believe and we aren’t going anywhere.

P.S. you can make money in a bull market but you can get rich in a bear market.

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