If my bank is so concerned about me losing money investing in bitcoin how come they don’t show the same concern for me losing money in online gambling?

Today I received a notice on my banking app about the dangers of investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Naturally my first thought was “Fuck you, I’ll spend my money any way I want”. But this got me thinking.

Online gaming is a big problem. It’s highly addictive and destructive and breaks up marriages and families. Addicts often can’t pay their bills and mortgages and their children often go hungry as a result of this vice.

Yet I’ve never once received a warning from my bank alerting me to the dangers of it. I’ve also never had any payments to betting / gaming sites stopped or questioned by my bank. I place the odd bet from time to time.

So how come they are so concerned about me losing money investing in bitcoin when it’s been the best performing asset of the last 10 years, outperforming every stock on the planet, whereas gambling almost always results in losing everything? What’s their angle?

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