I will be paying of my student debt with Bitcoin

A few years ago I started with crypto. I went through the different stages (buying, seeing first gains, selling, day trading Bitcoin and alts, making losses and now HODL). All the while, I’ve been paying off my student debt of around 6K euros with fiat. Currently it’s sitting at about 4,5K. Looking back on my accumulated stack of BTC, if I would’ve had been buying BTC with the extra amount on top of my required dept payment, it would’ve been reached already or close to complete. So, I’ve decided to pay the required amount in fiat, I’ve created a new BTC account on my hardware Wallet and will be putting in the extra amount in BTC. would I pay off the debt with the extra in FIAT, I would be debt free in about 2 years. Let’s see how long it will take to do it with BTC. I expect it to be under a year. Nevertheless, we could go into a bear market. Not sure what my strategy is then. Any ideas?

Of course, once I reach the fiat amount to pay of my debt I will update accordingly.

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