I think bail-ins are another reason why Bitcoin will become more popular over time. If you don’t know what bail-ins are learn more about them and educate your friends and family.

In a nutshell. Banks are a bit like FTX, highly leveraged and can’t sustain a bank-run in many cases.

Fortunately deposits are insured. In the US the insured amount is up to $250k and the EU up to $100k.

Prior the financial crisis of 2008, if banks were too big to fail the government(taxpayers) would save them but since the cost of doing so is becoming too big they introduced bail-ins instead of bail-outs.

Bail-ins mean that banks can take their customers deposits if they are insolvent. Basically they can legally do what SBF did to pay their debts. The bank will just steal your deposits to save them and no you won’t get them back.

Fortunately you are still protected up to the insured amount ($250k) but everything above can be taken from you.

Now if we assume that there will be another financial/banking crisis which is almost certain and if we assume the next crisis will be bigger than the last one which is also likely because that is what we have seen in the past it’s just a question of time before some people are going to lose a lot of money in a bank that was supposed to be regulated, trusted and safe.


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