I am new to trezor/exodus and have some questions if someone could assist

I am trying to move <$100 of Bitcoin between Exodus and Trezor trying to get a better understanding before I start investing.

I purchased the <$100 of Bitcoin on exodus, I then plugged in my trezor and transferred it there. On the exodus desktop application I can see the funds on the trezor device, but from my trezor suite I see $0.00 on it.

I can see the address it went to via exodus but that address is not associated to the hidden or standard wallet I see via trezor suite.

If I try to just put the money back in exodus within the exodus app by selecting my trezor as the move from account it doesn’t let me select it, but I can see it. All I can do transfer wise is move more Bitcoin into it I can’t pull it up from the exodus app.

Can someone help me better understand what is going on?

Learning wise I know going forward I will just send to the exact address of the specific type of wallet on my trezor instead of just plugging it in and seeing what happens when I hit transfer. My assumption is if I would’ve sent to the exact address of let’s say hidden wallet #2 on my trezor, I would actually see the funds via trezor suite.

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