How will BTC fare with this economic disaster?

The economy is way worse than the media/governments are sharing. Germany just “borrowed” (printed) billions of euros to help with energy costs, Chinas housing bubble is collapsing. A lot of places have much higher gas/energy price because of the war. The governments preaching “green energy” is not helping with the general prices of things, since our technology is not efficient enough yet to have most of our energy from green energy. Everything is just coming together like multiple trains on their way to crash into each other.

It is possible that BTC could go to 10k, but that is highly unlikely in many charts. But if a major world event happens, e.g. a nuclear bomb gets dropped, we might be another 50% down. This will only be a Black Swan event though.

The other option is that BTC will have reached it’s bottom here and it will begin it’s slow and steady descend up.

Right now is anyway the best buying opportunity for a long time even if BTC will crash, you just got to have some cash set aside.

Touching back on Germany, they have been A boiling pot for a while now. Transferring from Fossil Fuels and Nuclear energy to Windmills and Solar. This may seem like rainbows and sunshine. I have a few friends who live there and I asked them to share their monthly energy bills with me. They usually payed 150 ish Euros a month. Now they are paying 600 Euros a month. In a 2 Bedroom APARTMENT. THEIR ENERGY PROVIDER ASKED THEM IF THEY WOULD NOT LIKE TO SWITCH TO ONLY 80% GREEN ENERY, FOR ONLY 800 EUROS A MONTH.

The average salary is 50k a year in Germany. 50/12 is around 4k a month. 600 goes to energy alone. Factors in 30-45% taxed, there is nothing left to live on if you have a family or whatnot. You don’t even have enough money to invest in BTC, even though right now is the best opportunity in a lifetime, for a long time.

I would like to say that Nuclear reactors actually produce LESS C02 per km² than windmills. Go look it up if you don’t believe me. France s building more of them and their energy prices are much better, 1/3rd down by average. I would also like to point out that Windmills destroy habitats and wildlife, even when in the Ocean. Don’t get me started on solar panels.

I did my research to find my arguments,

I would like to make a few more point on this, but I don’t have much time.

This might have been quite out of order, but I had to let this out.

Let me know what you guys think, will be answering a few questions possibly.

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