how to fix the world

  • create a stateless, permissionless, neutral hard money that is powered and secured by renewable energy


  • wait for everyone to adapt. they will eventually because this money will forever increase in value

(we are here)

  • remove all monetary power from the government

  • eliminate taxes in that process because the government will not know how much money we have. this is called privacy.

  • make VAT / MwSt 50% to fund the government

  • reward people who dont buy mindless shit and save money instead

  • give people who make less than minimum some of that money back or exclude food & shelter from that high sales tax

  • this new system will incentivize people to not spend their money and save instead

  • producers will start to manufacture high quality products that will last for decades instead of months

  • this will end the plastic era, fast fashion and mindless consumerism

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