How to create a Cold watch only wallet with your phone during the wait for your Hardware wallet.

  1. Download a wallet ,there are a lot of good mobile device wallets out there but since you probably wont be able to tell which one is safe just stick with any one recommended by bitcoin.org ( lets use BlueWallet for this demonstration).

  2. Install Bluewallet ,Switch off data, bluetooth, wifi and then put your phone on Airplane mode ,essentially your phone should be offline.

  3. Open Bluewallet app and tap the +add/Create Bitcoin wallet tab. Your 12 or 24 word seed will be displayed to you. This is the most essential piece of information for safe custody of your bitcoin. Its for your Eyes Only, never give it up.

  4. WRITE IT DOWN on paper . No screenshot no picture. WRITE IT DOWN and make sure to check each word by word and exactly in the order shown on the screen. STORE IT SAFELY ,Physically. You don’t need it anytime soon. Back to the app ,Hit (ok I wrote it down ). You are done creating your wallet.

  5. Hit the newly created wallet on the app and select the recieve tab ,your receiving address will be shown to you including its corresponding qr code.

  6. Copy or take a screenshot of your receive address . You can use this address to receive your bitcoin from anywhere.

  7. Close Bluewallet app and uninstall/delete from your phone.

  8. Exit airplane mode and restore internet access to your phone.

  9. Re download and install Bluewallet again ,go to add wallet bitcoin , select IMPORT and paste or scan the receiving Address you copied from step 6. Select IMPORT wallet.

  10. You have successfully created a watch only wallet capable of receiving your bitcoin from any exchange whiles your seed phrase is totally offline. You can import your seed phrase into your newly acquired hardware wallet or keep it as it is or transfer it to a completely new seed generated by your hardware wallet when its delivered.

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