How does the Tooth Fairy leave my kid Bitcoin?

Our son is 6 and he keeps asking for Bitcoin. He asks for Bitcoin because Dad loves Bitcoin. In fact the only thing Dad loves besides him and mommy is Bitcoin. People come to our house under the guise of “hanging out and enjoying each others company”, but then Dad corners them and urges them to buy and hold as much Bitcoin as they can.

Anyway our son is at the age where he is losing teeth and gets visited by the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy usually leaves him garbage fiat which he stuffs into a wooden alligator where it will eventually reduce to .1% of its current value. He has a loose tooth right now and I am worried if he sees another dollar under his pillow he is going to start asking to keep the teeth instead, as they may be more valuable in the long run.

And so, thinking that this may be the perfect opportunity for our son to earn his first Bitcoin, dad orange pilled the tooth fairy. Just like dad did to his Aunt Sarah, his swim instructor, the girl who cuts his hair, Kira and Michael’s parents and his speech pathologist. Turns out his 17 year old baby sitter is already laser eyed as fuck. Good for her.

The tooth fairy is on board, but only under two conditions:

Condition 1: The tooth fairy thinks it is important that leaving Bitcoin is an opportunity to learn about it and secure it properly. After all, the Bitcoin that gets left will be the only of that Bitcoin ever created and if its gone, its gone forever. Just like his baby tooth that fell out.

Condition 2: It has to be fun to find Bitcoin under your pillow in the morning when you’re 6 years old.

But how does a tooth fairy leave 30,000 sats under a pillow in a way that a 6 year old is going to be very excited about finding? My kid claims to love Bitcoin but if he wakes up and sees a folded up 12 word seed phrase he is going to be pissed that the tooth fairy is making him practice reading first thing in the morning.

Does anyone have any ideas we can pass along to the tooth fairy to make this a lot of fun and educational?

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