Hearing 2 customers discussing blockchain at the gas station made me so happy. 😍

I just stopped into the gas station and a plain clothed middle aged lady was explaining to a woman in scrubs (both strangers) how to use the bitcoin atm. The nurse said she prefers to use cashapp (so at this point I’m shocked that they’re both coiners!) but the plain clothed lady says she likes the convenience (and anonymity probably) the atm provides her because she typically keeps cash money. She continued on to the finer points of transaction speed, blockchain verification, and congestion during high transaction rate spikes. Just to hear 2 totally normal, average citizen, women in small town North Carolina talking about blockchain congestion and transaction fees made my heart melt. Crypto is here to stay and that was a really great example for me of mass adoption and that this is only the beginning. VIVA LA CRYPTO!!!!

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