FTX collapsing has been the best thing to happen to Bitcoin in recent events.

People are withdrawing their btc and shitcoins from exchanges now faster than ever. We are finally taking control of a centralised network, the way it should be.

People are finally taking the ownership of their digital currency seriously. I honestly believe that there was a lack of understanding and too much trust put into these exchanges. I will admit that only a year ago, I caught onto the ‘not your keys not your bitcoin’ term. I trusted an exchange too much due to laws in Australia, I was complacent. Fortunately, I have not fallen victim to an exchange. Now, after seeing so many exchanges collapse, no money paid back to the investors. It’s a nightmare and people are taking gambling with their money to new extremes by leaving their btc and shitcoins on an exchange.

It’s not time to redirect the crowd to P2P Bitcoin and shitcoin transactions. I honestly believe we should compile a guide on how to do so and pin it to this sub. It will encourage the correct purchasing behaviour and also educate the people that don’t know any better.

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