From zero to hero (my 2 cents)

From zero to hero (my 2 cents)

When starting in the crypto sphere I found myself really lost. Not because lack of information available, but the opposite. It’s now so full of information spread across blogs, YouTubers, news portals, etc, that I really didn’t know where to start. Apart from that, the crypto world involves so many new concepts (at least for me), cryptography, economics, programming (solidity), peer2peer, consensus, mining, staking, and the list goes on forever..

I understood that it was imperative to start from the beginning, gaining knowledge one concept at a time…

So, if you’re just starting in the crypto sphere, here are my 2 cents for a smooth ramp up:

  1. First, read the Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto and sumerge yourself into the rabbit hole! This is the best whitepaper I’ve read so far, so clear and so powerful that it really blew my mind and make me want to know more! Mr. Nakamoto, whoever-whatever you are, thank you!.. I’ve a theory that Nakamoto really came from the future.. but that’s for another post.
  2. Keep on reading. Avoid YouTubers and organice yourself in order to gain the minimum understanding before jumping into the mainstream information flow. My book recommendation as follows:


From left to right and from bottom up:

a) First, choose a book in your language and learn about blockchain technologies disruptive power. As you’ll find so many new concepts and words, my recommendation is to start with a book about blockchain in your own language. “La Revolución Blockchain” or **”**The Blockchain Revolution” from Don and Alex Tapscott does a great job in explaining the disruption potential of the blockchain… Fuck banks!

b) Go technical. If you’re a tech lover, then “Mastering Bitcoin” from Antonopoulus is the perfect book for understanding how “the shit” works! It’s so well written and explained that I even recommend this book to non technical people… Then, if you enjoyed Mastering Bitcoin, you should definitely read “Mastering Ethereum”, a book also by Antonopoulus and Gavin Wood (Ethereum Co-founder). Ethereum is just so fucking amazing that it makes me cry of joy the more I learn about it and the possibilities it brings towards financial decentralisation. One tip of advice, the Solidity (Ethereum programming language) version of the examples in the book are of version 0.4.xx, a little old, but that’s not a problem as you can find the way around just googling what’s not working.

c) Let’s make money. It’s all good, now, how can we make a little money while we continue learning? I started first gaining a little economics and financial knowledge with the Jack Tatar book “Cryptoassets”, the authors make a great explanation of the financial and economics intrinsics of cryptoassets. If you are already a forex trader, then this book is a great introduction into the crypto trading world.

After that general overview, I decided to go specific, so I grab the Nik Patel book “An altcoins trader’s book”. This book makes and amazing job in telling us about the cryptosphere back in 2014-2017. Nik divided the book in two main parts, first “a memoir” telling his personal story, and second “a manual”, where you can find a lot of useful information about fundamental and technical analysis. I personally enjoyed a lot the fundamental analysis part, it really teaches you how to evaluate potential in crypto companies. Finally, I decided I’d like to know a little more about technical analysis, for that the “Technical Analysis Masterclass” from Schlotmann does a great job. Easy reading and well organised as a resource book you can grab anytime to look up for concepts.


Once I’ve finished all my readings I felt ready to understand what the fuck all the YouTubers and bloggers were telling me. But above all, I could distinguish between good YouTubers and good information from the shitty ones.

Good reading first is mandatory!

Those were my 2 cents, or better, my 2 SATOSHI. Hope you find it useful!

To the Moon!

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