Easy Double Down

I’m now even more convinced that FTX and SBF were/are part of a much bigger operation and am now more curious as to why others not only disagree but adamantly disagree. I could be wrong but if I had to put a number on it

90% sure Gov officials broke laws in helping FTX and SMF

80% sure the SEC was aware of what was going on and turned a blind eye.

100% sure journalists have been instructed to push a narrative about SBF or FTX.

70% SBF will face no punishment and that will be accepted by 99% of the population.

Consider it in these terms. SBF directly lied to customers and stole their money rather than operate a profitable risk free business taking fees so they could pull the biggest financial scam we have ever seen in broad daylight. His parents, mom the founder of a large political pact to which millions have been donated by SBF and his circle and his father “a well-connected professor at Stanford Law. While Fried was more involved in the political side of SBF’s operation, Bankman was heavily involved in the business itself, including helping to raise funds to finance the firm. Bankman is a leading expert on state and federal tax shelters, and some in the cryptocurrency space have speculated that he might have used his expertise to create the corporate structure (see below) of his son’s offshore financial firms.”

A house is also in their name which is suspicious regardless of how you look at it. They are experts in their fields, well connected to Gov officials and never even thought at any point something was going on. I don’t care how you think this happened, I can promise you the two people that would know that this is something they would want to avoid even if they fully believed FTX was legit would be his parents. It’s not like they only knew their son from how he was presented to the rest of the world. Looking at SBFs past interviews now and his outright refusal to answer what he’s asked there is no way he parents weren’t aware of what was going on. Caroline Ellison’s father worked with Gensler when they both taught at MIT. The majority of Maxine waters committee is compromised and involved with FTX and we are just supposed to assume NONE of these high ranking people ever thought to insulate themselves in anyway? In the business world the entire executive team of large companies work very hard to not even give the appearance of wrongdoing even in situations they know nothing is going on.

What’s even crazier is the fact what FTX exploited just so happened to be something that we now know, knowledgeable people in finance or the crypto space knew was possible. What I mean is anyone who understood this could have designed specific steps to create a semi sustainable situation where FTX was essentially creating money out of thin air while inflating its value. Spending hundreds of millions on homes and donations. Oddly they were ‘hacked’ and the accounts emptied last minute. The New York Times is hosting SBF at their conference? These 13 or 20 kids in no way were capable of running this operation and in no way is it believable they could.

Can someone please tell me where I’m wrong here?

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