Don’t make the same mistake my dad made by panic selling, and or ignoring the ₿lue chip of the crypto space; ₿itcoin. It’s 1997 internet stock days, and corporations and banks want your Microsoft and Amazon stock of this space

My father had $40k in Microsoft stock in the 90’s, worth around $2.7 million by the time I was ready for college. Instead of me or my siblings being able to afford college, he sold it for $20 something thousand after taxes, because he sold it all after hearing about how Y2K would ruin the computer companies.

We had canned food for ten years after the year 2000, but we couldn’t afford college by the time it came for us to do that.

The rich today own the mainstream media and social media companies. Don’t trust the F.U.Ð on Bitcoin that you see anywhere today, don’t let them scare you out of your Microsoft, Amazon, or Google(alphabet a&b) stock of the crypto space that they want.

This is how we tip the scales to our corner. We generate the value, we can eventually channel that financial power to a majority financial control over the decentralized system that is Bitcoin, the HTML of the financial internet, where all others follow its growth and drops.

As where, in the stock market executives issue themselves more stocks to buy their next mansion, yacht, or flight to space, all at the cost of the value of their stock in their companies.

Don’t let yourself sell your Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix of the crypto space for the pets.com of this space thanks to billionaires trying to distract you from their real blue chip target to remove economic competition.

Edit: thankfully, I started saving in Bitcoin multiple halving cycles ago, helping my family recoup the value my family lost with the Y2K internet stock fud. It’s still early, you can do the same too. Don’t let yourself be scared out of the next disruptionary tech to come out this decade. The internet of financial data

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