Don’t lose sight of your “WHY” in crypto

Don’t lose sight of your “WHY” in crypto. We all started the crypto journey for different reasons, whether it’s to save for retirement, pay of debt, save for kids college funds and such. It’s the “WHY” that makes us human in crypto.

Those who have been to my zooms are probably tired of hearing me say this all the time but I see it as my personal mission to help people not forget their WHY in crypto.

Throughout my crypto journey, I’ve come across many people who have lost sight of their “WHY” and end up being ‘crypto zombies’. These zombies may be able great at charting and can predict the price of BTC a week from now right to the dot, they can recite to you Satoshi paper but their life is a mess as all they care about is chasing after the next 0. Their family doesn’t respect them, their health is horrible, they’re stressed out most of the day and little are they aware, they’re just slaves to crypto.
Ask yourself if this the life you want? Is your life headed towards becoming a zombie?

It’s not too late to turn back. Refocus your eyes on your WHY and go at it. Its ok if you’re not selling at the absolute top, as long as you have some gains and the gains is able to make a difference (eg. paying off student loans or take a year break from work), be happy you’re part of the crypto journey. This is especially for those who have already achieved their WHY already.

Enjoy the present, spend some time with people around you (and try not to mention a single word of crypto), take some profit and be generous with it. (Even if your why is to be free from government control, take some time to enjoy being human)

What good is it to make a lot in crypto but lose your life and humanity in the process. There’s more to life than crypto.

Feel free to share your WHY in the comments below.

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