Don’t let this place become Wall Street Bets!

Over the last few days, as Bitcoin has dropped in price, I have seen more and more tin foil hat posts blaming JP morgan, banks / whoever for why the price has dropped. The truth its we simply don’t know and have no proof. I see that Lad Bible video being posted endlessly, they have absolutely fuck all to do with JP Morgan.

Could it be that many people are asking genuine questions about the sustainability around things like power requirements /wastage, threats to governments, and China’s influence? (Yes is the answer).

No matter what you feel about these subject areas let’s not lower ourselves to how the WSB forum acts, where they post endlessly about fighting the man and stirring up silly paranoia and ridiculous behaviour.

If you believe in Bitcoin, hodl it, if you don’t and are afraid, sell it… it’s that simple!

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