Cheapest price that would send people crazy to own 1 or more BTC.

How many times have we listened to people saying that when BTC goes down to “X” price they will finally buy their first satoshis?

Barring any macroeconomic conditions or adverse market news, what lowest theoretical value do you perceive BTC to reach before it’s “too easy” for average people (retail) to own 1 BTC?

Is it careless to assume that certain price levels are unachievable on the low side since it would be so easy for people who have been waiting for years to buy 1 or more bitcoin to finally jump in?

For instance, $10K or less per BTC although not so far away from current price levels, feels like such an easy steal for BTC to reach that level. Or do you expect people to be even more scared to jump in at that point ?

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